欢迎来到Mount Mercy学院

欢迎来到Mount Mercy学院 where girls are transformed into successful young women, 准备好追求生活提供的机会. Mount Mercy has served the Western New York area for over 110 years as a distinctly Catholic college-preparatory school in the Mercy tradition. Rooted in gospel values and Catherine McAuley's unique vision for women and those who are poor, Mount Mercy affirms the uniqueness and dignity of individuals and fosters faith with a commitment to the challenges of building a just society. The Network of 仁慈的教育 commends Mount Mercy学院's outstanding sense of mission and service among the many Mercy schools throughout the country.

We invite you to explore our website and discover how our students achieve this transformation process through academic excellence, 女性领导, 基督教服务, global awareness and outreach and a full complement of athletics and extra-curricular activities.

Our extensive science program and partnership with the Catholic Health System provide unique opportunities for hands-on experiences in the fields of health/science, 临床及研究专业. Our fine arts program features award-winning music and art programs while our Women's Leadership Academy calls each student to step up to the  challenges of leadership within and outside of school. Each student develops a personal portfolio of leadership experiences in preparation for college and career.

Mercy women enjoy their time at school and continue as dedicated alumnae with lifelong friendships. Mercy alums proudly wear the Mercy ring, designed by the first principal and early graduates. The distinctive Mercy ring can be spotted around the country and even around the world, 在那些认识它的人之间点燃了直接的联系.




Mount Mercy学院  excited for yet another school year filled with new innovative modalities to education and inspiring ideas that will enhance  our Mercy education.   The “academies within the Academy” are thriving with new additions and programming that provide opportunities for students in a variety of fields including health and science, 艺术, 社会科学, 商业/金融和领导力. 与高等教育机构的合作蓬勃发展, 当地企业, 社区组织和各种职业的专业人士, the young women of Mount Mercy are able to engage in internship opportunities with real-life, hands-on experiences with local professionals throughout Western New York.  

Our accelerated course outline continues to expand while providing students with ample opportunities to complete coursework of study at the collegiate level.  Project based learning has proven that students have found ways to problem solve and complete tasks with maintaining mastery of a rigorous curriculum while meeting the required NYSED standards.  

Mount Mercy学院 fosters leadership and service in our communities through projects that are geared toward contributing to a need in society.   学生 continue to exemplify compassion for others following in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy as women of service.   仁慈的教育 core values are at the heart of every student and it is evident through demonstrating empathy for others inspired by faith and a passion for learning.

We are confident that the year ahead will be successful with the intention of holding the highest of standards and  ability to execute the knowledge and skills to enhance our programs.    Mount Mercy学院严格的课程, 期望和高标准将继续是一个优先事项, 我们有信心,我们的学生, 教职员工已经为未来的挑战做好了准备!


 Michele Sixt Melligan, 92年

“仁慈山永远地改变了我的生活. 通过邀请社区, 我能够成长为一个女人, 作为女儿, 作为朋友, 作为社会的一员. Throughout my time here I have gained an education in both academic areas and life in general through the school's ongoing efforts to educate students on gender inequality, 种族歧视, 以及环境危机。”. 此外, Mercy has given me the space to gain confidence that 4 years ago I never would have guessed I would have. Mount Mercy has helped me take that initial step toward becoming the strong woman of color I am today. At Mercy you are more than just a student, you are whoever you wish to be."



"My future, success, and the ability to be an empowered woman in society come from Mount Mercy. 我的学校是我人生角色的坚实基础. 从参加慈悲山, 我可以自信地说, 我会带着我能完成任何事情的心态毕业. 仁慈是我的家,我的避难所,我想成为谁就成为谁. Mount Mercy has been bringing forth generations of strong intellectual women into the world, 我非常荣幸能成为他们中的一员. Mercy teaches girls more than academics, but also about the world around us. As a mercy community, we give back to the world because it is our home. 从我在Mercy的四年里学到的, I have been educated on pushing for equality and peace and the understanding that there is no limit to what I can do. I have the confidence to go out in the world and make a difference because being a Mercy girl has given me that opportunity. "



“仁慈不仅仅是一所学校. 慈悲是我的第二个家,是我可以依靠的肩膀. Mount Mercy has given me the confidence and resources to pursue my passions and make the world a more inclusive place, 促使我大步迈进男性主导的领域. Mercy blessed me with an environment to grow intellectually and in the community, giving me the foundation to make a tangible impact while making lifelong friendships."