MMA Athletic Boosters 任务 Statement

The Mount Mercy学院 Athletic Boosters has been formed by a group of parents and interested parties as a vehicle to enhance and support athletics at Mount Mercy. It is the intention of the club to honor the positive image and exemplary role Mercy has firmly established in the Western New York community. Its primary purpose is to raise funds and awareness, while encouraging parent participation through various activities and efforts that will be used to improve, enhance and expand the positive image and success of the athletic department at Mercy. By establishing and achieving the goals of MMAAB, its organizers strongly believe that a successful and strong athletic department not only creates a positive experience for the student athletes, but also will have a direct and positive effect on the recruitment and enrollment at Mount Mercy学院.

Thank you to our past Mount Mercy parents for getting the Boosters up & 运行!

THANK YOU to our current 助推器俱乐部 members for your continous hard work to improve Mount Mercy 体育运动.




The 助推器俱乐部 held a beer blast in the fall of 2022. Money raised at the event was used for new equipment and jerseys for the fall season.

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Your generous support of the MMA Athletic Boosters provides Mount Mercy学院 athletes with new equipment and 制服, and allows us to make improvements to our athletic facilities overall improving our entire athletic program.  Here is a look at what the Boosters have sponsored the past few years:


Cross Country Team 制服.
高尔夫球 towels and 高尔夫球 counters.
Two benches for 足球 teams.
Coaches clip boards for 足球, 排球 and 篮球 teams.
Mount Mercy Polo shirts for team coaches.
Water coolers to be used by all Teams.



Contributed towards the purchase of new Banners for the gymnasium
Contributed towards the purchase of 篮球 制服. 
Contributed towards the purchase of 长曲棍球 制服.



Contributed towards the purchase of 垒球 制服



Purchased a new sound system for the gym

Repaired, restriped and refinished the gym floor



Indoor carpeting for 垒球 batting cage







Thank you 助推器俱乐部 parents & alumnae who support our Athletic Department!



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"Mount Mercy has positively changed my life forever. Through the inviting community, I was able to grow as a woman, 作为女儿, 作为朋友, 作为社会的一员. Throughout my time here I have gained an education in both academic areas and life in general through the school's ongoing efforts to educate students on gender inequality, 种族歧视, 以及环境危机。”. 此外, Mercy has given me the space to gain confidence that 4 years ago I never would have guessed I would have. Mount Mercy has helped me take that initial step toward becoming the strong woman of color I am today. At Mercy you are more than just a student, you are whoever you wish to be."



"My future, success, and the ability to be an empowered woman in society come from Mount Mercy. My school is a strong foundation for my role in life. 从参加慈悲山, 我可以自信地说, that I will graduate with the mindset that I can accomplish anything. Mercy is my home and my sanctuary to be whoever I want. Mount Mercy has been bringing forth generations of strong intellectual women into the world, and I am more than honored to be one of them. Mercy teaches girls more than academics, but also about the world around us. As a mercy community, we give back to the world because it is our home. From my four years at Mercy, I have been educated on pushing for equality and peace and the understanding that there is no limit to what I can do. I have the confidence to go out in the world and make a difference because being a Mercy girl has given me that opportunity. "



"Mercy is more than just a school. Mercy is my second home and a shoulder to lean on. Mount Mercy has given me the confidence and resources to pursue my passions and make the world a more inclusive place, propelling me to take strides into male-dominated fields. Mercy blessed me with an environment to grow intellectually and in the community, giving me the foundation to make a tangible impact while making lifelong friendships."